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Designed especially for those horses that need a "refresher" and who may require "special" attention with regard to certain procedures.  We have had excellent (non sedation) results bringing horses in who have, in the past, required sedation for such things as regular yearly dental floats, and sheath cleaning.  If you have a horse who tends to be "difficult" for such yearly things this may be a cost-effective alternative with added benefits of daily training/conditioning sessions.  AND the added BONUS.... NO SEDATION which as we all know is not the healthiest thing for our animals, or ourselves.  Your horse will receive:

1. 6 -Daily hour-long sessions focused on establishing trust/leadership and clearing the communication lines.

2.  Complete dental examination with all necessary work performed by my husband Steve Scotia Equine Dental Care.

3.  Hoof evaluation and suggestions for barefoot hoof-balance, management of frogs (fungal infections, etc.), fitting for hoof-boots with recommendations on best ones based on type of riding, hoof shape, etc. Check out this excellent site for info that mirrors our philosophy of hoof-care: www.natureshoof.com

4.  Sheath/udder cleaning.

5.  3 energy sessions and use of other therapies as deemed necessary see the  Healing Naturally page for further information on the therapies we employ here at the farm.

6.  Full suggestions for feeding and supplementing for any deficiencies that may be apparent.