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If it is WELLNESS you are seeking - whether it is for yourself or your well-loved pets, it only makes sense to start from the foundation.  If we (people and pets) are biologically designed to eat whole food, but instead ingest processed food-parts, chemicals, and irradiated matter, is it any surprise when we have LESS than WELLNESS?  Why is it that our culture accepts that it is okay to be UNwell and DISeased?  How have we come to a place where instead of changing our ways of living/eating, we just ask a doctor for a drug?  Is it any surprise that once it became commonplace for us humans, it just naturally became the answer for our pets too?

Finding the optimal way to health has been and continues to be a passionate pursuit of mine for myself, my human family and all the critters that make up the extensive family unit here!  All of us eat WHOLE foods.  That's not to say that we are 100% faithful to the goal, but overall we know what we eat and where it has come from.

The dogs' diet consists of a morning portion of a mixture of ground up veggies - often spinach, kale, collards, pumpkin, squash, beets and their greens and others that are in season.  We avoid cruciferous veggies due to the poor digestability factor.  To the mix there are raw shelled sunflower seeds, organic yogurt, a little olive oil, juice from the thawing meats, sometimes brown rice and other times oatmeal.  In the afternoon they get raw meat with bones:  chicken backs, turkey necks, pork necks, beef livers, beef hearts, chicken hearts/livers, beef back ribs, venison.  For fun they get knuckle bones, beefback ribs and pigs feet.

An excellent food is Green Tripe.  For more information including where to purchase please click here:  Green Tripe

An excellent source for more info:  http://www.daybreakaussies.com/raw_feeding.htm

The cats, being true cranivores get meat.  I mix in some canned catfood here and there.  The house cats were converted first by feeding dry 2x/day for 15 min feedings, then switching to canned then adding more and more raw meat to the mixture.  They get fed twice/day 2-3% of ideal body-weight.  NOTE - if you have cats and are unwilling to switch to raw, then at least switch to canned.  Cats are meant to eat FRESH MEAT - this is moisture rich which means they need to ingest LITTLE water.  DRY FOOD causes them to have to drink more and this taxes their kidneys (among other things).  I'm sure that between dry food and over-vaccination there's little wonder that cats are suffering more and more from kidney failure.

An excellent site for more on this topic is CatInfo.org

I buy a lot of my meat through PPNE (poultry products northeast) - their branch in Maine is in Winslow.  Their number is 207-872-2706.

I also get meat and bones from W. Gardiner Beef on 10 Gilley Rd - 724-3378

Bubier's in Greene is also a source at 946-7761

And another is Windham Butcher shop at 892-4203